Young Professional Staffing is currently seeking to fill multiple customer service and medical professional roles to assist with the Vaccinate NY program

  • Greeters

  • Check in Staff

  • Registration Attendants

  • Inventory Support Staff

  • Runners

  • Flow Controllers

  • Licensed physicians

  • Certified nurse practitioners

  • Physician assistants

  • RN

  • LPN

  • and more


This transportation service is seeking secret shoppers to conduct evaluations on their workers and services.

  • Traveling to assigned locations

  • Remaining discreet while you pose as a regular customer.

  • Interacting with employees over the phone and in person to gauge customer service.

  • Inspecting the station's environment to detect possible concerns and areas for improvement.

  • Completing and submitting a electronic report detailing the customer experience after each store visit.


205-07 Hillside Avenue. Suite#22

Hollis, New York

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