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Career Access Program (CAP)
  What ALL students need to know before they graduate!

The Career Access Programs (CAP) is a high-quality Work Based Learning program that was developed to address a  growing need amongst small schools, young professionals and local businesses. It comprises structured learning  opportunities and authentic work experiences that include, career exploration & readiness, skills training,  mentoring, internships, community service and job placements. Through experience with industry or community  professionals in workplace settings, participants are able to foster first-hand engagement in the application of  academic, technical, and employability skills to the tasks required of a given career field.  

The CAP program can be maximized to provide opportunities for students to engage in career readiness in authentic  and engaging settings through alignment of WBL tasks to curriculum and instruction culminating in a recognition and  assessment of acquired knowledge, skills, and abilities, thereby preparing students and young adults for success in  education and careers beyond high school.  The Career Access Program takes a proactive approach to addressing workforce development and high  unemployment rates for young professionals between the ages of 16-24. By preparing students for the 21st century  workplace while they are still in high school will eliminate the barriers most young professionals face once they  graduate.


Our flexible program design aligns to each schools’ essential features, is tailored to the needs of the  community, allows for in school and after school programming and encompasses the SEAD framework. Participation  in our program can be an alternative to suspension and incentive for LTA’s thereby lowering the chance of dropout  and increased chances of on-time graduation. Our unique position as both a community partner and educational partner fosters relationships between local businesses and schools to create employment opportunities. CAP’s  design and exemplary features are research and Standards based with a focus on utilizing instructional best  practices that align to Social Emotional and Academic Development and data driven outcomes 


The Career Access Program provides Five types of services for schools and organizations.

  • Career Readiness also known as CR.E.W.W, 

  • Industry Trips

  • Training/certification,

  • Job / Internship Placements 

  • Professional Development for parents and staff . 


This is our most popular program and provides in-depth instruction on ...  There are four modules, each  includes 6 lessons.   By the end of each module students will have a personalized plan to use as they transition into adulthood
CR.E.W .W Program for middle and high school students incorporates key job readiness skills and information into 4 modules; Career Readiness, Entrepreneurship, Wealth and Wellness.  CR.E.W.W consists of four modules, Career Readiness, Entrepreneurship, Wealth and Wellness. Each module  contains 5-7 lessons and is 6-8 weeks long. Each lesson includes a video, relevant article, vocabulary, reflection  questions, short responses and activity. In high school, students in grades 11 and 12 engage in purposeful  reflection on the connections and applications of learning through work. Students may engage in several  different activities such as project-based learning, independent learning projects, service learning, and  student enterprises.   
For parents who are interested in courses for your teens please visit our course page at 

Career Readiness

Career Awareness: Grades k-5

Career Exploration:  Grades 6-8

Each school year students are exposed to various industries as they take a guided tour of professional  workspaces such as Aviation, Entertainment, Health and Technology etc. Students will learn from industry  professionals on how to be successful in these and other career spaces. In middle school, students learn  about work through virtual and live presentations and activities that begin to connect students’ interests  and goals with career possibilities but are not solely centered around identifying students’ own interests.  Career exploration activities include skill and personality assessments, Industry research through  interviews & presentations, visits with professionals, student stores and initiatives. 

Career Preparedness:  Grades 9-12

Students need a mix of skills, including academic, technical, basic career, and employability, to be ready for  postsecondary and careers. Employability skills—also known as soft skills or 21st century skills—are an essential part  of career readiness, and YPSS provides ample opportunities for students in grades 6-12 to learn and develop them.  Our Virtual Learning platform provides students with Self-guided, small group or whole class lessons designed to  prepare them for life beyond high school.  



Grades 6-12

In this module students will learn the steps to starting a business.  By the end of these six sessions students will have a completed business plan to use once they are ready to start their business


Grades 9-12

In this module students will learn about money and how it works.  By the end of these six sessions students will have a wealth plan detailing the behaviors and habits they will follow once they start bringing in a steady income.


Grades 9-12

In this module students will learn strategies to maintain their overall wellness.  By the end of these six sessions students will have a wellness plan they can use as they transition to adulthood.

Training & Certification
Once students complete our CR.E.W.W program they can qualify for one of our training,  In high school, students learn skills for work by engaging in activities more connected to their own interests and  career goals. Students take specialized career and technical education courses and are placed in short-term  internships and/or apprenticeships. Qualifying students will be able to obtain certification in one of six programs.  Each of these programs are high demand fields, require a high school diploma and can be used as an entry point to  a successful career. The five certification programs we offer are Sterile Surgical Technician, Lifeguarding, Food  Handling, OSHA, Coding (PYTHON). 



• CPR 

• First Aid 


Sterile Technician- CRCST

Decontamination • Preparing and  


• Instruments 

• Sterilization and  Disinfection 

• Storage and  


• Quality Assurance

• Processes 

• Equipment

Computer Programming using Python

  • Python and  

essential libraries 

• Statistical  

hypothesis testing 

• Machine learning • Natural language  processing: TF 


• Computer vision • SQL 

• Soft skills: sharing  your work and  





Walking & Working  Surfaces, including  

Fall Protection 

• Exit Routes,  

Emergency Action  

Plans, Fire  

Prevention Plans  

and Fire Protection 

• Electrical 

• Personal Protective  Equipment 

• Hazard  


• Machine Guarding  Safety 

• Ergonomics 

• Recordkeeping &  Reporting

Food Handling

  • Provide safe food • Forms of  


• Safe Food Handler • Flow of Food 

• Purchasing,  

Receiving, and  

Storing, Pre  

parathion, Service 

• Food Safety  


• Facility Sanitation  and Pest  


• Cleaning and  


Once students have completed both the CREWW and training/certification programs they are then eligible for 

CAP provides students with enhanced exposure to a broader set of career possibilities based on student interest and  even provide them with employability skills by participating in real-world work experiences. Research shows by  participating in internships, work-based learning, and other work experiences, students become familiar with  careers and the workplace (Brand & Kannam, 2017). In the 12th grade, once students complete C.R.E.W.W and a  certification program they will be placed in an internship, community service or job with our partner companies and  organizations. Internships and community service placements range from 3-6 months and job placements will be  temp to permanent positions. 


These positions are typically part time and last between 3-6 months.  These positions are usually seasonal.

Temp to Perm

These positions are perfect for professionals who want to explore their options before committing to a long term assignment or position

Direct Hires

These positions are for professionals who are looking for full time employment and are able to commit to a permanent assignment


This position is perfect for young professionals who are still in school and who have not entered the traditional work environment and who may benefit from mentoring and training first.

Parent & Staff Training
We provide training to build capacity in order for parents and staff to support their students continuously. We engage school staff and parents regularly to ensure that CAP can be sustained over time. Training and  workshops are held to increase the school community’s capacity to operate a career readiness program. The team  meets regularly throughout the year to maintain program quality standards. Parent and staff workshops and  training are conducted twice each year. 

  • Financial Literacy 

• Preparing your child for career’s 

• Entrepreneurship

• Wellness

• Connecting career readiness in your daily lessons. 

• Career Readiness resources in the community 

• Supporting your students career goals

If Your School or Organization is interested in our services, please complete this form and will contact you within 24 hours.

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